2012 June - Palau Family Trip (2 歲娃兒游帛琉)

Dear Anakin,

We just returned from a 5-day trip from Palau.  This was your first time on an airplane and you did rather well.  Even though you did sung a bit too loud on the flight when you were board, at least you didn't cry or fuss about.

Day 1 - 2012/06/23

Daddy was amazed that we actually left the house right on schedule.

Palau, here we come~

Mommy: Anakin, 我們有沒有坐飛機?
Anakin: 嗯,有,飛機好大喔~

Day 2 - 2012/06/24

Off we go, nice and sunny... so it seemed on the dock...

It was the opposite of being peaceful and windless!!
On the boat ride to the snorkeling site, it was so windy that all our faces were distorted.
Anakin and Aaron couldn't keep their eyes open... but mommy... of course need to act presentable with a smile for the photo~

What's this?  An island?  A monster?
... it's a sea cucumber... blew out of proportion by Aaron's shooting angle!

The first two snorkeling sites were so turbulent that we couldn't take photos.
Anakin did not make a noise on the whole boat ride, out of fear.
But, baby, mommy is so proud of you for your courage in the water on those first two sites!  You were nervous, but you hung in there.  You floated on top of mommy the whole time... you did not enjoy it, but you were not upset either.  Everyone on the boat was so amazed at how courageous you were in water!!

Yummy lunch... grilled fish, short rib, and chicken~~

Lunch at a beautiful beach that only surfaces during low tide.

Don't we look like we were on the Robinson Crusoe?

Third site of the day is a very pretty drop-off with lots and lots of pretty fishes.  Unfortunately, my baby Anakin has not learned to use gaggles and opening your eyes in the water stung your eyes.  So, you didn't get to see all the colorful fishes swimming about.

Mommy put you on my back so I get to swim face down to see the fishes.  All those baby swimming technique practices really paid off on this trip!!

Dinner included a bat soup.  The teens and adults on the trips were making a fuss about it.
Our little Aaron and Anakin had no fear.  Aaron examine the bat closely and...
Aaron: "Ah, I look like an ugly rat."
Anakin: "Here, you want a bite of my cracker?"... and actually fed it into its mouth.
Aaron: "Oh, that was yummy, thank you, thank you."
Anakin: "You are welcome"... and ate the cracker!
Not to worry, the bat was already cooked.

Day 3

Worried that it will be another turbulent day on the water... we were so not looking forward to go out ot the sea...

Fortunately, first site was the Milk Lake.
Water was murky green, muddled by the lahar.
Treat of the day was lahar beauty spa... but Anakin did not appreciated it.  While everyone was lavishly pouring the mud /clay all over our bodies, Anakin stood bemused.  When a few drops got on his hand, he started crying, wanting it off.  That was the only time he cried during the two days at the sea~
Oh, dear baby, the lahar will nourish your skin to baby soft... though yours already are!

The surface of the water was so peaceful that you splashed about happily, didn't even need to be on mommy!

Anakin accidentally swallowed some water and said “不好吃” (doesn't taste good)


Another yummy grilled lunch at a peaceful bay.  We got in the water quite far away from the beach and you swam with mommy shore.

The shallow water was surrounded by trees, so beautiful and surreal that I kept on expecting to see fairies dashing about!

Aaron and Anakin had great fun on the beach... too much fun that both of you didn't eat!

Aaron: "mommy, I need to go pee in the ocean."... after taking a few bites of his lunch... then he never returned.  I had to bring lunch to feed him in the water.

Note: 帶小小孩去帛琉必備!!  小小孩防寒衣!!

Afternoon's trip to Jellyfish Lake was quite a hike... or climb.
You were such a little champion that you not only did not complained about the walk, you actually enjoyed it.  The part of the route that had steps were with steps about 2/3 of your height.  Then there were parts that had no trail at all, just ropes.  Fortunately, a local officer was kind enough to carry you during those parts as mommy and daddy had to be on all fours.

You were the youngest to walk the trail that day!

The walk, however difficult, was worth the sight, though.  Swimming with hundreds of jellyfishes and not have to worry about being stung was quite and experience.  You did not yet understand why it is so special, but you did enjoy the peaceful water.  Mommy left you with the tour guide for a little while to float about with the jellyfishes.  Later, I learned from others on the trip that you kept on pushing the guard away, wanting to swim on your own.

Since you couldn't go underwater, mommy broke the law and gently brought a little jellyfish onto the surface in my palm for you to see.  I whispered softly, "look Anakin, a jellyfish," because it's so delicate that it feels as if I would frighten it by speaking at normal voice level.  You looked at the jellyfish and went "bang" on it... fortunately, it was slippery enough that it merely slide away from my hand.  But, dear baby, didn't you see how gentle mommy was???!  可愛的小水母,我對不起你!!

Day 4

We opted not to go out to the sea again for the third time, though Aaron really wanted to!
We just thought it was too tiring being out in the sea three whole days.  Instead we stayed in the hotel to take an easy day.  We end up still spent the whole day in the water, between the hotel's private beach and the pool.  At the end of the day (that's 10am after breakfast to 6pm dinner time), both of you still couldn't get enough!!

Day 5

A lazy morning lounging by the pool.

Too bad that our camera died so we couldn't take more photos.  However, when our tour-mates send us the photos that they took, I'll add them~

Anakin 是我們全機最小的,全團最小的,全飯店最小的!

玩帛琉因為會出船,且海域不是那麼風平浪靜。。。甚至不時驚濤駭浪,所以要帶小小孩去的爸媽要評估以下自家小孩。如果是像 Anakin 一樣的小小海王子,那他會玩得超 high!!