Aaron~~Happy Birthday

Aaron 的三歲生日過了三次.


當晚又請了Stephen叔叔帶Kevin哥哥 & 秀秀阿姨帶 Even弟弟 來.

大舅媽也帶 Ethan 弟弟和 Ian baby 來.

還有媽咪阿嬤, 大姨嬷, 姨丈公, 二阿姨 都一起來家裡慶祝.

Aaron 切了第二次蛋糕.

2/17 過年回爸比阿嬤家, 阿嬤買了個小熊維尼的蛋糕,吹了第三次蠟燭.




台北家中Birthday Party, 2008/02/04

Aaron & Kevin 哥哥

Aaron & Mommy & Babi

Aaron & Ethan 弟弟


媽咪阿嬤, Aaron, Mommy, Ian Baby



台南爸比阿公家, 2008/2/17

胖胖弟弟, Mommy, Aaron, 爸比阿公,爸比ㄚ嬤, 阿伯, 媽咪阿公

Aaron & Mommy



Aaron, my dearest,

You turned three!!

We passed the impossible two and still strongly bonded.

We now enter the mischievous three and I continue to strive to get down and dirty with you.

You continue to be my pride and joy, my reason for getting out of bed… and, fortunately, in normal hours mostly now!

You continue to surprise and amaze me with all your new learned skills and words.

I do not know when it started, but you love signing now, and many times with your own lyrics.  When you are pooping in the morning, you sit on your little portable toilet and sing, “大便,大便, 我在大便,我的肚子有大便..." When you are just walking around in the house, swinging your arms, you sing, “小皮蛋, 小皮蛋, 我是小皮蛋..." or “我最乖, 我最乖, 我是乖寶寶..."

You so love helping mommy out now:  washing dishes, though I need to change your clothes and mop the floor afterwards; washing rice, though I need to pick up the individual grants from the sink; hanging up laundry, though the sleeves and bottom of clothes get dirty since the clothing are longer than you… but, I love your helping out and do not mind that double or triple of time spent on the task with your help.

You have forgo your diaper, but I continue to wash our bed sheets 2 ~ 3 times a week, sometimes daily for 3 days in a roll!  You have renounced your bottles, which is a huge achievement.  Though, you still love your fingers… so mommy and babi will probably need to start saving for your braces now…

You have been attending pre-school for a year now, on a two-day a week basis.  You love school, love interaction with other children, love showing off.  You continue to suck to authoritative figures, continue to tell on other children when they do something bad; these traits might get you in trouble in your later school years when you are no longer little and cute.

You have developed an infatuation for money and you are rather stingy.  For example, when mommy takes you to the convenient store and you want to buy an egg, you will relinquish your desire to buy when you are told to use your own money.

Though, overall, you are a very sweet and compassionate child.  You always hug the younger children and share your food.  Your proactiveness in looking after the younger ones is the trait that mommy is most proud of.  Just yesterday, on Kevin’s birthday party, you noticed Alvin swallowed some pill and ran to tell Aunty Gioia.  Even though he did not swallow much, it still could have been a life saving action!!  I love you, my little Aaron.